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Modern security systems have high-tech features, but if you ask anyone how they secure their house and car, they will say lock and key. No matter how advanced the security is, people can’t let go of locks and keys to keep their property safe. But, what if there is something wrong with those locks? What if you lose the keys? Your property will be vulnerable to theft as intruders may plan to steal your valuables. That’s where we come in. A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville offers premium locksmith services to make sure all your locks and keys are working correctly.

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Common Issues With Locks And Keys

At A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville, your security is our top priority. You may notice that the door lock is not functioning correctly. The worst part is when you arrive at your house only to find that you lost the keys. As the leading residential home locksmith in Jacksonville, we will come to your rescue quickly. We understand how troublesome it is when locks and keys don’t work. Our expert technicians are experienced enough to handle a variety of problems with residential locks.

You can instantly schedule an appointment with us for the following issues:

Lock is Jammed

Probably one of the most common problems with traditional locks is they get jammed from the inside. This prevents the key from turning to open the lock. You shouldn’t try to force the key inside the lock in this case; otherwise, the key may break. This happens when dirt accumulates inside the lock. Without wasting any time, call us now at (904) 712-0665. We will be at your door any minute after the call. Our locksmiths come well-equipped with the latest tools that enable them to fix the lock quickly. Sometimes, it only needs a few drops of lubricant before it starts working again. This is one of those minor cases that we fix on the same day without keeping you waiting.

Key Extraction

When you forcefully jam the key inside the lock if it is not turning, the key may break and stay inside the groove. This is not good because the lock and key are practically useless. Our residential home locksmith in Jacksonville experts will arrive at the scene and try to pick the broken pieces of the key from the lock. They will ensure that the lock is working after the extraction. If you don’t have a duplicate key for the lock, they will make a new one instantly.

Misaligned Weather Stripping

Sometimes it is hard to understand why a door lock is not functioning correctly. It may be due to the weatherstripping installed on the door. A faulty weatherstrip not only affects the lock but also corrodes the door’s exterior paint. If the door starts to decay because of this, it can allow intruders an open path to score. However, A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville will never let that happen. We will install new weather stripping so that the locks function correctly again. It will also strengthen the door lock hatch.

Door Lock Latch Problems

If the door lock latch is not clicking its respective pane, it’s because the alignment of the lock and the strike plate are incorrect. During installation, many locksmiths confuse the placement of the bolts that may also contribute to this problem. You should not try to lock the door forcefully by bringing the latch and the plate together. Leave it to our residential home locksmith in Jacksonville professionals who will reposition the strike plate to make sure the lock fits comfortably in the groove.

Broken And Lost Keys

What if you lose the main keys to your house? Or maybe, you give someone your small one to open the lock, and he/she somehow breaks it? Without a duplicate key, you won’t be able to enter the house. But, thanks to our 24/7 service, you don’t have to worry about lost or broken keys. If anything of this sort happens, you should give us a call right away. Our mobile locksmith service in Jacksonville will reach your house quickly and take the appropriate measurements of the lock and key to make a new set. We always advise our clients to have two sets of keys to all the locks in the house. If you want us to make all the sets, we will be happy to help.

Services Offered

A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville offers several locksmith services that come in handy in emergency cases. We don’t compromise on the quality of our service, and once you hire us, you will understand why we are considered as the best residential home locksmith in Jacksonville. Some of the services that you can expect from us are:

Installing New Locks

Are you looking for rekeying or lock change after moving to a new house? We can provide new lock installations at a very reasonable price. Installing new locks can successfully keep intruders away. At A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville, all our locksmiths are experienced at installing some of the latest locks available. They also recommend the best locks that can protect your property. Although some of the lock installations take time, we try to finish the job the same day because we know that without proper lock and key, you may not be able to go out of the house. Therefore, every time you need someone to rekey or provide new lock installation, consider hiring us.

Installing New Safes

We all know how crucial safes are to protect your valuable assets. No matter how many locks you have inside the house, it is always wise to have a safe to store expensive items. A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville will install safes tailor-made to suit your needs. We will provide a combination lock system that is almost impossible to break. Modern safes are now more secure than ever. Over the years, we have had the experience to install some of the best safes with advanced security systems to protect the valuables. We promise to deliver the same type of security in your house too. Call us at (904) 712-0665, and we will send a team to consult you. Accordingly, we will proceed to design the safe.

House Lockouts

Has your partner mistakenly locked the house from the outside while you were still in? You can’t shout for help because there is no one around, and you are thinking of breaking one of the windows to go out? Try to stay calm for a few minutes, and give us a call. We have handled many house lockouts where we arrived quickly at the client’s house to unlock the door. All you need to do is not panic. We know that it’s not easy because you may feel claustrophobic locked inside the house. However, keeping a cool head is more essential at this point. Once we get your address details, we will send one of our experienced locksmiths to free you from your house.

Repairing Old Locks

Just because some of the locks in your house are old doesn’t mean you need to replace them entirely. If they are still in working condition but needs a few tweaks here and there, you shouldn’t spend heavily on new locks. Instead, call A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville because apart from new lock installations, we are also experts in repairing old locks. Whether it is the key that is sticking inside or the spring in the lock that’s worn out, our locksmiths will come with the necessary tools to fix them. They will inspect the condition of the lock before repairing. If they feel the locks are irreparable, only then they will recommend a replacement.

We advise you not to handle lock and key problems yourself. These things should be best left for the professionals because we understand the mechanism of the lock better. This allows us to fix them quickly. When you have problems with locks and keys, your duty should only be to call A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville and inform us about the issue. We will take care of the rest.


Why Hire Us?

So far, we have had the good fortune of working for hundreds of clients, and all of them were satisfied with our service. We don’t consider any job to be too big or small. Whether it is a lock repair or new lock installation, we treat every job and every client equally. Here are some additional reasons why you should hire us for your locksmith needs:

Reasonable Price – we offer free quotations so that customers can compare our rates with others. Our competitive pricing will impress you, considering the quality of service we provide.

Emergency Services – we are here to serve you 24/7 because we know that emergency lockouts and lost keys can be a nuisance. Whether it is late at night or early in the morning, you can expect to see a locksmith at your door no matter what the time is.


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At A-Z Locksmith Jacksonville, we strive to improve our services every day so that we can keep our clients happy. We are what we are because of you. Therefore, give us a call at (904) 712-0665, and book an appointment today!

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