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Discover Why Key Cutting, Lock Change, or Rekey Services May Be A Better Option Than Changing Your Locks

Have you moved into a new home or have you ever lost your house keys? Have you had to fire an employee? If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you have been in a situation where you have likely questioned whether or not you should change the locks to a home, apartment or office. A great alternative to changing the locks is to hire a professional key cutting, lock change, & rekey expert technician.

Why is it important to know the difference between rekeying a lock and changing one? Unfortunately, there are some less than reputable locksmith services that operate on the fact that the average person has limited to no knowledge about the rekeying process and how much money can be saved with this option. Our technicians evaluate each service call individually and provide customers with the most affordable and secure solution.

The following guide will provide you with more information about rekeying. By the end of this guide, you will be able to determine whether you should change your locks or contact your local locksmith service in Jacksonville, FL for a professional rekeying service.

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What Does 'Rekey' Mean?

Changing a lock is self-explanatory to most people. When a lock is changed, all of the old hardware associated with the lock is changed. This means doorknobs, keys, locks, etc.

On the other hand, when you want a key cutting, lock change, or rekey service, the key that works with the lock is replaced with a new key. The individual lock is not replaced, but some components within the lock cylinder such as pins, springs, and tumblers are replaced so the new key will work effectively.

Each series of pins in the lock correspond to a certain key. When the pins are replaced, a new key will be necessary in order for the lock to work. Even though this may sound like a complicated procedure for the unskilled person, our Jacksonville mobile locksmith service technicians have the proper tools and training to complete the average rekeying job in a few minutes.

Keep in mind that the locksmith must have key that currently matches the lock. Without this key, the locksmith will have to pick the lock. Typically, this is not a problem for our technicians because your security is our top priority. They will work with you to get the lock rekeyed so you will feel safe. However, additional charges may incur. As a result, the final quote may be more expensive than changing the lock.

When a lock is rekeyed, the security of the lock does not change. It does not reduce the level of security or increase it. The lock’s security is based on the number of pins it has.

For example, if there are 5 pins in the lock and the locksmith replaces the pins with 5 new pins, the lock will maintain its security. Therefore, if you are looking to increase a lock’s security, changing the lock may be a better option for you.

The key pins that are found in locks are not very expensive, and this is the main reason why rekeying is considered to be so cost-effective. When you are paying for a rekeying service from a technician who will be at your door and on time, you are really only paying for the labor. When you want to have a lock changed, you are paying for both parts and labor.

Also, keep in mind that the majority of locks that are on the market today come with the rekeyed option built in. You do not have to question whether or not the lock that is on your home or office can be rekeyed or not. However, because not every lock on the market is made the same way, different tools may be needed.

An example of this is the ‘Mul-T-Lock’. This is one of the highest security locks available and it requires a unique set of key pins and tools if it is rekeyed.

You can also contact your local locksmith service in Jacksonville if you want to rekey several locks for the same key. This is a convenient option if you have several locks in your home and you prefer to have one key for each lock instead of having several keys in your possession.

To match more than 2 locks for a single key, the locks must be of the same manufacturer or they must share similar keyholes. So, if your key will fit in one lock, but it will not fit in another lock, the two locks cannot be rekeyed for the same key.

What Are Some Situations Where You May Want To Rekey Instead Of Change A Lock?

The most common reason why customers contact mobile locksmiths in Jacksonville for rekey service is if they are satisfied with the lock, but they do not want the old keys to work anymore. When you choose to rekey a lock, you keep key control of the lock.

Key control simply means that you can account for every key that has been made for the lock. When these keys are given or loaned out, you lose control of the keys.

When you rent or purchase a new home, you do not know who has keys that can access the locks. Even with new homes, contractors and subcontractors have had key access to the home during construction.

With the number of single builder home communities popping up around Jacksonville, each lock can be opened by a construction master key. Although using a homeowner’s key may stop potential future use of the construction key, many of these locks have master pins in them.

Every master pin doubles the keys that can operate the lock. In fact, it is not unusual to have as many as 10 different keys that can open one lock on a single home.

It is also common to have a lock rekeyed if you have misplaced your key. When you lose the key to your home, office or vehicle, it is imperative that you contact an expert technician that can arrive at your location on time and in emergency situations. By having the lock rekeyed, you will be able to prevent theft and/or vandalism of your property.

Finally, if you are an employer and you have fired an employee, you may want to have your locks rekeyed. This applies even if you regain key control of the keys that were loaned out to the employee. You do not know whether the person has made extra copies of the keys. This can place you, your business, and your employees in danger especially if the employee left on less than friendly terms.


Should The Locks Be Changed?

There are a few instances where a new lock may be the best solution for your needs. Many homeowners decide to change the locks around the home to a different design or color so the locks can match the décor.

Locks can also be changed if you want to upgrade your home security. Older locks can be switched with electronic locks or high-security locks.

You may also want to change your locks if you want them to all operate with the same key. As previously mentioned, the locks will need to be from the same manufacturer before they can be rekeyed. If not, all of the locks will need to be changed before they can all open with the same key.

In situations where you have several locks without keys, you will need to take the time to consider what is the better option for your needs and budget. You can choose to change the locks or you can have a professional key cutting, lock change, & rekey technician pick the locks for you for an additional labor charge.

Can This Be A DIY Project?

With the influx of home improvement television shows and online videos, many property owners may feel as though they can save money by completing the rekeying on their own. While you may be able to change a lock without hiring a professional locksmith, rekeying a lock is a skill that only the most qualified technicians in Jacksonville can do.

Not only does it require practice and knowledge, but it also requires the proper tools. It is not uncommon to see professional locksmith pinning kits that cost well over $200.

Also, note that if you attempt to change a lock on your own and fail, the lock does not incur a lot of damage. However, if you attempt to rekey a lock on your own and fail, chances are the lock will be completely ruined.

There are some new locks on the market that allow consumers the option to rekey a lock without hiring a professional or taking the lock apart. These locks have become increasingly popular, but they do have flaws. Therefore, unless you rekey locks on a regular basis, it is best to leave the locks as they are and contact a mobile locksmith in Jacksonville.

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