Locksmiths are a vital part of a community. They are one of the last few professions that still provide house calls for those in need of their services. Whether needing these locksmith services for a home, business, or vehicle, many customers are curious about how much these services may cost. Unfortunately, the actual dollar amount can vary greatly depending on the job.


Average Cost to Unlock a House or Car

The professional lockout service is the most commonly used services in almost any community. When someone forgets their keys inside, lose their keys, or even have a key broken off in the lock, they will need help getting inside their home or vehicle. Fortunately, a locksmith is prepared to handle these calls anytime.


For a home, the price for professional lockout service can range on average between $100-$200, depending on the company and the type of lock or security device on the home. For vehicles, this service can range between $50-$100.


In many cases, the service price may also include hourly rates and trip charges, depending on the pricing at the company. Those needing service after regular business hours may also be subject to increased hourly rates and emergency trip charges. Fortunately, customers can receive a free estimate before the provider arrives.


Average Cost to Rekey a House or Replace a Key

Lost keys or people moving in or out of the home can require different services for homeowners. These services can include replacing keys or even Rekeys of the lock or locks in the house. Needing additional or replacement keys can be quickly done at the store; however, rekeys often require a home visit. This can make a difference in the pricing for these services.


Lock Changes can be significant when tenants leave or a key is lost. A service provider can either change out locks or offer Lock Changes to adjust the waves’ mechanisms to prevent old keys from working. Rekeys can range from $20-$50. To change out locks, the service is usually $75 per hour to replace the lock, plus the lock’s price.


Locksmith Service Call Pricing

There may be rates and flat fees charged for the service call for any service that does not include the price of the actual work. This helps to cover the provider’s time and the drive to the location. Different companies may have different rates. However, the typical pricing for a trip during business hours is between $50-$100.


For any serious work on a home, business, or vehicle, these services may require an hourly rate for the work put into the house. The hourly rate tends to run on average between $50-$100 per hour. This pricing is based on calls and appointments scheduled within regular business hours.


Many companies offer locksmith emergency services and after-hours options for problems that occur outside of regular business hours. These service calls can be a little pricier. Typically, the after-hours rates can run between $75-$150 per hour. Emergency trips are often between $100-$150.


Customers can conveniently call (904) 712-0665 for a free estimate for any job needing to be done. These estimates are based on the average pricing for the specific job. If the service provider arrives on the scene to find that the work is more extensive than anticipated, they will provide the customer with the updated pricing before starting the work.


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